About the Founders

About the Founders - Who We Are?

The founders bring extensive, combined, experience in hosting large scale conferences and events, as well in the renewable energy, environmental law and sustainability coaching and facilitation sectors. Joshua Low has worked in the conference and trade fair industry for over 10 years and has overseen the delivery of 50 trade fairs and conferences across the automotive, renewable energy, boating, textile, packaging, building sectors, among others. Wendy, Marie and Justine are subject matter experts and have experience in the environmental law, renewable energy and sustainability coaching space. They have written papers, done lectures and conducted training on ESG.

Owner of Strategic Mindsets
Chairperson of SANEA
Exhibition and Conference Specialist. Founder of Envision SA
Chief Transformative Impact Officer

About The Conference

The founders of the event have done extensive research and developed a programme which is both unique and relevant for an African audience. The conference looks at answering a number of question - How do you make ESG both relevant and applicable in an African context? How do you drive a sustainability mindset within organisations to help embed ESG principles? How do you ensure that people have the adequate knowledge and training as to what ESG is, why it is important and how to make sure organisations drive the change needed to create a more sustainable future?

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