Meet Our Speaker

Adam Craker

Adam is the Chief Executive Officer at IQbusiness, the largest South African management and technology consulting firm. Adam joined IQbusiness in September 2009 and was appointed CEO in November 2010. 

As an ‘activist CEO’ Adam is an ardent lobbyist for government and business collaboration, though he places the emphasis on education as the key ingredient to drive an inclusive future for all South Africans. 

Adam has forged strong partnerships between IQbusiness and various NGOs and social enterprises, such as SmartStart, Tomorrow Trust, Harambee, Partners for Possibility and the National Mentorship Movement to act as catalysts for positive trends in education and self advancement. 

Two social enterprises are currently under Adam’s leadership as CEO – the COBRA Initiative and SAtion. Since its inception at the start of the National State of Disaster in March 2020, the COBRA ecosystem has brought together nearly 100 partner organisations that have provided support to over 570 enterprises in distress.  SAtion is a multifaceted national ecosystem established by business, labour, and government stakeholders to bring focus to inclusive economic growth from digitalisation.  SAtion is a Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) initiative.  

Under Adam’s stewardship, IQbusiness won the coveted 2018 Conscious Companies Award. Actions aligned to their purpose at IQbusiness to grow people, grow business and grow Africa have resulted in IQbusiness being recognised as a Certified B Corporation and positions Adam and his team as leaders in a new social narrative.