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The founders of the conference invite you to become a speaker . The conference aims to create a platform to assist senior managers in organisations, across industry sectors, to drive the adoption of ESG within their organisations. Accordingly, Some of the key session themes include investment and financing, ESG regulatory framework and measurement and reporting.

Additionally, we invite you to become a speaker or to contribute to one of the masterclasses.   More information about the masterclasses to be confirmed.  Once you have completed the form below, submitted your details, your proposal will be reviewed by the ESG Africa conference steering committee. 

Become a Speaker


ESG Africa Conference  2023.

If you feel as if you are able to contribute positively to the programme, please complete the below form.  Alternatively, please feel free to contact the conference organisers.

Helping organisations tackle some of the common challenges faced. How do you collect and maintain data hosted in silos across the organisation? Are common reporting standards achievable?

Discussing trends and challenges as well as ways in which Africa can better attract direct investment, by taking a leading role in its adoption of ESG standards

What are the changes taking place in the regulatory environment? How will this impact trade in the future? What role is ESG activism playing in terms of holding organisations to account?

It is essential to take a more systemic and transformative approach to ESG, which goes beyond “just reporting”, looking at the way ESG should influence business strategy, business culture (from board level, investors, CEOs, leadership team and any employees), leadership mindset.

Become a Speaker

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