About the Conference

This year the conference will have an overall focus on implementing integrated and transformational strategy – moving towards impact Days 1 and 2 will be a set of interactive panels, breakouts and ESG leaders speaking on key topics.  We will deep dive into the tools, processes and practices needed to use ESG as a transformational tool and find new business models that are appropriate for Africa and maximising impact, whilst still being a thriving organisation.  


We will cover the enabling environmental elements needed for implementation such as:

  • Governance as a driver of ESG
  • Integrated strategy – the move towards innovative and more circular business models
  • Policy and regulation global and local
  • Climate change
  • Reporting
  • Managing impact MEV: from quantitative to qualitative, measuring ESG impacts, reducing the risk of green washing versus the true evaluation of real impact.

What do we need to focus on for implementation and maximisation of impact:

  • Social inclusivity and using indigenous knowledge systems
  • Strategic and transformative ESG stakeholder communication and marketing approaches
  • Skills for ESG and actively managing agents of change in your organisation
  • SMMEs and localisation
The conference will answer the following questions? 
  • How do you make ESG both relevant and applicable in an African context?
  • How do you drive a sustainability mindset within organisations to help embed ESG principles?
  • How do you ensure that people have the adequate knowledge and training as to what ESG is.
  • Why it is important and how to make sure organisations drive the change needed to create a more sustainable future?
  • How to integrate ESG into your organisation considering budget constraints and in the current economic climate?

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