Meet Our Masterclass Speaker

Deborah O'Connor

Deborah heads up EDP’s new ESG service offering and due to her vast experience in Environmental Planning and Sustainability, she has insight into the deep systemic nature of the environmental and socio-economic challenges faced globally. 

Understanding the local context is crucial, and taking a holistic, informed and robust approach to development enables the unpacking of the complex interconnected issues. Sustainability should be the driving force behind ESG, and the disclosure and reporting of key issues, is a tool for organisations to understand not only the risks they face but also to develop new business opportunities and ways to add value to society.


Deborah strives to assist organisations with the integration of sustainability strategies into their corporate DNA and assist with the deep changes necessary to fulfil their sustainability objectives. Integral to companies being accountable to its stakeholders and ensuring transparency. 

Deborah guides customers through the entire process of Sustainability / ESG reporting resulting in the development of meaningful reports – the results of which provide guidance for organisations to give effect to organisational change.