Meet Our Speaker

Dominic Gaobepe

Organisations are a product of the decisions that we make. The decisions made in the past have shaped our current reality; and the decisions we are making today are shaping the future of the organisation. 

Many organisations struggle in getting I&D right as we often do not realise & think consciously about the factors that influence the decisions that we make.

Be ready to be challenged as we journey to unscramble the I&D Code.
Dominic Gaobepe is a consultant, trainer & entrepreneur. 

As a co-founder of Cohesion Collective he works with regional and multinational companies to contribute towards social cohesion and nation building by enabling them to build the skill set & mindset of
equality, diversity & inclusive leadership. He holds a Bachelors degree in Economics from Rhodes University in South Africa. 

After graduating he worked within the Human Resources field for Unilever SA & South African Breweries, adding value and building expertise in the areas of leadership development, high performing teams & organisational transformation.

To serve his community he has co-founded The Yearning Soul Life-Coaching Ministry which is an organization aimed at social development and imparting business & life skills to men, women and the youth.