Meet Our Speaker

Katleho Malinga

Born in South Africa Johannesburg, Katleho Malinga is an Alumni Department Mobilization Manager at Columba Leadership, dedicated to empowering young people in our country. With nine years of experience in youth work (specifically in leadership) and professional skills in media. 

He is passionate about collaborating with diverse teams across South Africa, unlocking their potential through multimedia production and creative initiatives.


He joined Columba Leadership in 2019 and stands today as the recipient of the Elroy Duckitt Team Member of the Year award (2022) and runner-up (2021). He drives alumni success and expands the network nationwide, inspiring excellence in business, community service, and skills development.


He studied for a Diploma in Theology at the University of Pretoria in 2017, enhancing his understanding of diverse perspectives and values.


Passionate about utilizing media for social change, he integrates leadership strategies to drive a positive impact in the lives and communities of young individuals.


Skilled in communication and experienced as a Master of Ceremonies, he connects with audiences, influencing positive change.