Meet Our Speaker

Loshni Naidoo

Loshni Naidoo is a Senior Director in the Business Transformation segment of FTI in South Africa. She recently joined FTI and specialises in Sustainability and ESG.   

She has experience in providing clients with solutions that respond to shifting environmental, social and governance (ESG) or sustainability challenges to ensure long- term value creation. 

Before joining FTI, Loshni was at the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA), focusing on sustainability, ESG and integrated thinking.  In SAICA’s technical team, she supported members through her advocacy efforts, awareness- raising, thought leadership and technical guidance on a range of aspects related to sustainability, integrated thinking and ESG.   

Loshni began her career as a chemical engineer, working for several years in the production and project environments, mainly in mining and chemicals manufacturing.  Later, she moved into the ESG, sustainability and climate change consulting space, providing both advisory and assurance solutions to a diverse array of organisations in the mining, telecommunications, retail, financial services and real estate sectors.    

Loshni has a chemical engineering degree, a B Com degree specialising in informatics, a post- graduate diploma in future studies and an MBA.