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25-26 October 

ESG Masterclasses

ESG Masterclasses

Delivered in a virtual format. Dates and times are listed below

What is a masterclass?

The ESG Africa Conference is unique in that it will foster an ESG ecosystem, focus on leadership and enable conversation and debate both before and after the conference itself.  To help facilitate this, Masterclasses will be done in advance of the conference as well as afterwards.  The Masterclasses for 2022 are on the following topics which have been selected to allow deep dives into key areas where it is either to provide a solid platform for the essential concepts, or a deep dive into key emerging topics.


Who should attend?

These masterclasses are aimed at a variety of people not only working directly in ESG, but also those in related professions such as strategy, risk management, finance, HR, SHERQ, procurement and project developers.

When and where will they take place?

The masterclasses on ESG 101, the Legal Aspects of ESG and Unpacking the S in ESG will be held before the inaugural ESG conference from 25-26 October 2022 and the ESG Leadership one after the conference. 

The Masterclasses will be held virtually except for the ESG leadership one which will be face to face. Each masterclass will be a half day event with the exception of the ESG 101 which will be two half days.

Director - Strategic Mindsets
CEO - Skutcha
Part 1 - 30 August 2022 from 9:00-13:00
Part 2 - 7 September 2022 from 9:00 - 13:00

Cost: R1,000 per person (Excl), for both sessions

ESG 101

Presented by Marie Parramon-Gurney and Wendy Poulton

This masterclass will give you an overview of what ESG is and how it has evolved. It will outline who uses ESG metrics and approaches, outline some of the lessons learnt and best practice that has emerged and where, when and how to integrate it into your business activities.

The masterclass will look at ESG through the lenses of investors, shareholders, stakeholders, employees, customers, suppliers, organisations and government. It will highlight why it is important for those various groups, what their main motivations for using ESG and what metrics are important. It will also give guidance on how to determine what is important to focus on to enable you to implement, incorporate and embed appropriate practices and thinking within your organisation

Head of ESG
SED/ED Implementation Consultant
Principal ESG Consultant
27 September from 09:00 to 13:00

Cost: R399 per person (Excl VAT)
Unpacking the “Social” in ESG

In Africa in particular, the social element in ESG is very important given the socio-economic challenges the continent faces. It is however the reality that generally, social issues receive less attention than the Environmental and Governance issues. This masterclass will give you an overview of how social issues can be better highlighted and managed when developing projects, monitoring and reporting and when integrating ESG into strategy and risk processes. The type of KPIs that should be used will be addressed as well as how to ensure those KPIs receive the right priority will be highlighted. In addition, using case studies, approaches on ways to include and maximise some of the hard to quantify social benefits as well as how to include key stakeholders in identifying and monitoring social issues. Case studies on where this has been done and done well will be used to illustrate best practice.

Partner - Herbert Smith Freehills
Associate - Herbert Smith Freehills
07 October from 11:00 to12:00
Free of Charge
Applying the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) Guidelines

The TCFD, was established by the Financial Stability Board to “improve and increase reporting of climate-related financial information.” to accurately include climate-related financial risk which is growing in importance and value and focusses on accelerating the energy transition and adaptation measures for positive (opportunities) and negative risks as well as the transition risks. The TCFD gives recommendations in four interlinked major areas namely: governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets. ESG investing and reporting is gaining in momentum and importance. The TCFD forms an important cog in this wheel given the importance of financial considerations in the climate change and energy transition debates. Learn how to apply these guidelines in your specific context.

Marie Parramon Gurney
8 November 2022 from 09:00 to 13:00
ESG Leadership

ESG is truly driven and integrated into company strategy when leaders make it part if their value system and then visibly “walk the talk”. This masterclass will help participants unpack what leadership mindsets are required, how to understand their own mindsets and make shifts in their behaviour and to influence others. Deep dives in risk appetite, courageous leadership and setting strategy in an uncertain world, will form the basis of the masterclass and help participants be ESG influencers.

Meet the presenters

Wendy’s has over 30 years’ experience in business and her main areas of expertise include Energy, Research and Development, Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Strategy and Risk.  She has worked both internationally and locally in these fields and has published and presented extensively.  She has in-depth experience on strategy tools and methodologies, including strategy development, scenario development and use, strategic risk management, decision making tools, complexity management and technology and innovation strategy development.  Wendy was awarded the outstanding order of contributors to Sustainable Development by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in 2011. Wendy has Board experience and chaired the Risk Board subcommittee of the South African Bureau of Standards for 8 years. She holds an MSC from University of Pretoria , MAP Diploma from Wits Business School and Strategy and Innovation Diploma from Oxford University and has completed a coach and advanced coach course through Star Leadership,

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