Meet Our Speaker

Michael Salvatico

ESG Investing champion with a climate change focus. 20 years experience in financial markets, covering research and the development of business solutions for better informed investment decisions creating more sustainable world. I work with investors, companies, consultants, regulators, exchanges and industry bodies to advise on responsible investment trends and the identification of ESG issues, providing the data and tools to integrate ESG signals in portfolio construction and reporting.

Michael was part of the highly rated research team at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he was head of Emerging Markets quantitative analysis. In this role he built and optimized portfolios, developed factor investment strategies and econometric models.

Previously, Michael was a cofounder in the Climakind initiative to reduce global carbon emissions by promoting a price on carbon and a thought leader in solutions to the rising levels of global carbon emissions. He published reports and analysis on climate change and carbon reporting and was a keynote speaker promoting climate change action.

Michael has experience working with clients across Asia, the US and Europe.

Michael is a member of the Australian Sustainable Financial Initiative, a member of the Willoughby Council Sustainability Reference Group, and participates in the Investor Group on Climate Change – Policy and Advocacy Working Group.

ESG Investment Integration,
Climate Change Investment Strategies
Sustainable Development Goal Investing
Quantitative Financial Analysis,
Investment Strategy,
Strategy Promotion and Marketing,
Team Leadership,
Key note speaking and publishing