Meet Our Speaker

Mutemwa Ushewokunze

Mutemwa Ushewokunze is a Zimbabwean banker who currently serves as the Director of Corporate and Investment Banking for First Capital Bank Zimbabwe. 

His experience in financial services spans four continents with his career journey starting in Australia with time shared between Westpac and Credit Suisse. He then moved to Johannesburg with Macquarie Bank  focused on African equities. 

Success in this role led to his redeployment to New York where he spent 5 years leading Macquarie’s distribution efforts of African equities as well as fundraising for African corporates. In 2020, he returned home to Zimbabwe where he leads a team of 52 at First Capital, delivering services across Corporate, SME, NGO, Agric and Investment Banking. 

Mutemwa holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and an Honours in Politics from Adelaide University, Australia. He also holds a Master’s in Development Finance from the University of Cape Town. Lastly, Mutemwa holds an MBA (Finance) from Imperial College of Science and Medicine, London. 

He is also member of the Chartered Institute of Development Finance and sits on the board of governors of his alma mater, St.George’s College, Zimbabwe.