ESG Masterclasses, Webinars & Networking Sessions

ESG Masterclasses

What is a masterclass?

The ESG Africa Conference is unique in that it will foster an ESG ecosystem, focus on leadership and enable conversation and debate both before and after the conference itself.  To help facilitate this, Masterclasses will be done in advance of the conference as well as afterwards.  The Masterclasses for 2024 are on the following topics which have been selected to allow deep dives into key areas where it is either to provide a solid platform for the essential concepts, or a deep dive into key emerging topics.

Who should attend?

These masterclasses are aimed at a variety of people not only working directly in ESG, but also those in related professions such as strategy, risk management, finance, HR, SHERQ, procurement and project developers.

Upcoming Masterclasses & Webinars

Our exciting lineup of webinars for this year!!
New EU and USA standards – Implications for Africa
The crucial role of climate change governance
CBAM reporting what will it require?
The importance of integrating strategic ESG risk into organisational risk processes
Trends in ESG for Africa - Times to be confirmed
SMMEs and ESG - Times to be confirmed

Upcoming Community of Practice Networking sessions

Join us for online networking sessions, to connect and learn from industry professionals from across the continent and the globe.

Trends and changes in the ESG ecosystems

This CoP (Community of Practice Networking) session will focus on ‘ESG Trends and changes in the ESG ecosystem – What are the emerging issues and how do we address them’. 

We will be issuing an agenda closer to the event

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