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ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Africa Conference

Empowering Leaders in Africa to Drive a more Sustainable Future

The ESG Africa conference aims to create a platform for industry leaders and experts across Africa to discuss, debate and find solutions to some of the common challenges faced in embedding ESG practices within organisations.  The main theme of the conference is a ‘Sustainable Future Through Leadership’; highlighting the significant role leaders can and should play in ensuring their organisations better integrate ESG principles into their value system and overall organisational strategy.  

Why Attend?
  1. Engage with top international and local industry speakers
  2. Access to 2 days of interactive content 
  3. Invitation to the Gala dinner , where you can network with professionals from across industry sectors
  4. As a conference attendee, you get free access to some of our ESG masterclasses, on topics such as ‘the legal aspects of ESG’, ‘Leadership in ESG’ and more
  5. Gain the knowledge and tools you need to help you better embed ESG within your organisation

Change Through Leadership

Reflecting on the past, discussing the present, driving the future of ESG

The world has fundamentally shifted over the last few decades. Looking at profit and financial considerations is no longer enough. Stakeholders including shareholders, investors, customers and government are expecting more. ESG is the latest trend in sustainability reporting and it is changing the way in which we allocate capital, run our operations and develop our strategies. This requires a different leadership mindset that does not see ESG as an add-on or compliance exercise, but something that provides competitive advantage, transformative innovation and puts stakeholder capitalism at the heart of our actions.

Helping organisations tackle some of the common challenges faced. How do you collect and maintain data hosted in silos across the organisation? Are common reporting standards achievable?

Discussing trends and challenges as well as ways in which Africa can better attract direct investment, by taking a leading role in its adoption of ESG standards

What are the changes taking place in the regulatory environment? How will this impact trade in the future? What role is ESG activism playing in terms of holding organisations to account?

It is essential to take a more systemic and transformative approach to ESG, which goes beyond “just reporting”, looking at the way ESG should influence business strategy, business culture (from board level, investors, CEOs, leadership team and any employees), leadership mindset.

2022 Highlights

18 + Conference Sessions
64+ Top Industry Speakers
257 Attendees
96 Virtual Attendees


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