2024 Programme

The 2024 conference programme aims to unpack all issued relating to ESG and its relevance within an African and developing world context as well as the leadership mindset required to drive change. This makes the conference unique in its scope and impact. This year the conference will have an overall focus on implementing integrated and transformational strategy – moving towards impact.  Each day of the conference will feature a series of engaging panel discussions, breakout sessions, and presentations from ESG experts on critical issues. We intend to conduct an in-depth exploration of the tools, methodologies, and strategies necessary to leverage ESG as a catalyst for transformation. Our goal is to identify and help companies to adopt new business models that are tailored to Africa’s unique context and optimised for maximal impact.


DAY 1 – Includes advocating for ESG during challenging economic circumstances, examining how good governance structures can accelerate ESG initiatives, and exploring integrated strategies for transitioning to circular business models. Workshops will delve into ESG marketing approaches and enhancing communication with stakeholders regarding ESG impacts.  Interactive sessions will spotlight the importance of effective communication for sustainability professionals to showcase their work, garner support, and engage both internal and external stakeholders. The day will conclude with an awards and gala dinner networking event, the ESG ‘Beyond Awards’, hosted by SA.

DAY 2 – Will explore the impact of social inclusion projects.  It will also include several breaks out sessions which will explore the impacts of climate change, examine trends and challenges in ESG reporting, discuss ESG skills required to drive change, and explore the impact of ESG on SMMEs.

Day 1

Day 2

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